Happy Holidays From Our Salon & Wellness Spa

We wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season.  Please check out our welness guide / holiday guide below.  We hope we might be a resource for your holidays gifts this year as well as a resource for some relaxation soon! 

Nurture The Spirit – Tips on Finding Multidimensional Bliss

Americans will spend well over $50 billion dollars this year on everything from teeth whitening to cosmetic treatments to look their best. Now, I would be one of the last people to say this is not money well spent, as I’ve spent many years as a salon and wellness spa owner and am a daily […]

The Art Of Giving

This year, consider skipping the next generation of tech gear and give a truer piece of yourself. By Frank Bennett It’s no wonder that given the range of choices we have as far as sharing holiday cheer is concerned—and particularly given the onslaught of technology that seems to determine so much of giftgiving—people are turning back the […]

How To Look Natural Yet Captivating On Your Wedding Day

I think nearly every little girl dreams of her wedding day. From the tween years, or perhaps even sooner, visions of a white dress and a delicate veil float in our heads. At least, that was the truth for me! I had a scrapbook of magazine clippings, print-outs from online, and several of my own […]

3 Keys To A Unique Sweet 16 Celebration

There are many Sweet Sixteen ideas out there, from a lavish gala to a quiet gathering and everything in between. After clicking through hundreds of Pinterest and Instagram images, you may feel like it has all been done and that there is nothing new under the sun. But you’d be wrong. Your daughter’s Sweet Sixteen […]

Salt Of The Earth

Frank Bennett How many times have we heard this expression, and where did it come from? When we hear salt of the earth we usually equate it to somebody who is really down to earth, pretty real, and some sort of kind humanitarian. This is very true, and we can all benefit from being just a […]