Steps to Craft Your Summer Body

By Frank Bennett It’s May, and you pull out last summer’s best because you just endured our first 85-degree day. You grab those skimpy yet too-cool shorts, and realize that life feels different. What you forgot is that the last five months have been an adventure in indulging in favorite foods, and wearing comfy clothes […]

AF Bennett Owner Touches on Grooming For Men

Next Level Grooming By Frank Bennett It’s no secret that today’s male wants to be attractive and appealing, no matter what age. Guys from all walks of life and social circles are seeing the value of taking good care of their bodies minds, and spirits. Just walk into a hot yoga studio and witness fellas […]

Staten Island Luxury Salon & Spa owner offers valuable Skin Care Tips

the low-down on skin preservation essentials by frank Bennett Summer is here and it’s time to show off a part of the body that is nothing short of a miracle. Human skin not only has poetic powers for many, but plays a vital role in protecting the body against pathogens and water loss. It also provides insulation, temperature regulation, sensation […]

Bold and Beautiful with Balayage at Staten Island Salon A.F. Bennett

In French, balayage means “to sweep or paint,” and that precisely describes its application in a salon setting. A technique developed in the 1970s in which color is applied by hand rather than using traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques, balayage can be used in even short cuts, but works best in below-shoulder lengths. Better still, it grows out well and naturally, and without a […]

High School Students Hit Runway to Show Off Prom Fashions

Prom is just around the corner and some young ladies are already nailing down the perfect look. A.F. Bennett Salon and Wellness Spa hosted its annual “Prom Runway Show” Monday night. High school students modeled the latest looks in fashion, hair and makeup during the free event. For some, prom may still be a few […]

Diva for a Day at A.F. BENNETT Salon

A.F. Bennett is one of the Diva for a Day participating salons, and they couldn’t be more delighted to team up with such a wonderful foundation. “The experience has been breathtaking,” says A.F. Bennett owner Frank Bennett. “Cancer can make a woman feel robbed of her beauty physically and outwardly, but it can also rob […]

Diva for a Day helps heal Staten Island cancer survivors

VIEW FULL ARTICLE ON SILIVE STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Sometimes, in endless months of suffering, a day’s respite from the pain is all you need. For scores of Staten Island women battling cancer, Diva for Day has been exactly what the doctor ordered. Founded by two women in New Jersey following their experience with breast […]

Salon to “Blow Out” Breast Cancer

A New Dorp hair salon is doing its part to help “blow out” breast cancer. A-F Bennett will be offering wash-and-style appointments for 25-dollars on October 27th. Half of the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. Customers will also receive a gift and 20-percent off their next appointment. The salon is also offering […]

Pink Hair For Hope

Every October our team joins pink hair for hope – “making a difference one strand at a time”. Each pink hair extension is a $10 donation that includes application and removal. Every dollar gets donated to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. A.F. Bennett supports Bright Pink and their mission to educate and inspire women […]