Salt Of The Earth

Frank Bennett How many times have we heard this expression, and where did it come from? When we hear salt of the earth we usually equate it to somebody who is really down to earth, pretty real, and some sort of kind humanitarian. This is very true, and we can all benefit from being just a […]

Fresh Start

Three steps that will help craft your summer body By Frank Bennett Nothing fits! Here we go again… It’s May, and you pull out last summer’s best because you just endured our first 85-degree day. You grab those skimpy yet too-cool shorts, and realize that life feels different. What you forgot is that the last […]

“I Love You,” One Foot At A Time

the way to a woman’s heart starts with a masterful massage by frank bennett There’s just something about coming home after a long day and kicking off shoes that have been binding your feet all day. When I really want to get into my wife’s good graces after a hard day at work, I wait […]

“By The Grace Of God”

For two decades, this Staten Island salon and wellness spa has used the healing power of spiritualism in service to its community by Jennifer Vikse, Industry Magazine • photos by Amanda Domenech A lot has changed in 20 years. Frank and Anne Bennett have, over that time, not only grown a successful business and given […]

From Cutting To Designing

how the calligraphy cut has elevated salon professionals’ art by frank bennett Every time a hairdresser puts a scissor to hair, he or she blunts its edges, and at times this can take away natural flow. Over the last three decades, industry pros have turned to using razors to avoid this seemingly inevitable result, but […]

Rolling Wonder – Microneeding At A.F. Bennett

by Frank Bennett Fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and a dull complexion can creep up on us as we age, even if we embrace a proper skincare regimen and a squeaky clean diet. Whether via exposure to sun or environmental pollutants, or simply because of genetics, the result is often not the desired […]

AFBennett On Staten Island Introduces The Calligraphy Cut

The Calligraphy cut changes everything!  You don’t always need a scissor to cut hair! Look no further than your local doorstep, and you will find the latest and hottest new cutting technique waiting for your lovely locks to go to the next level. Every time a hairdresser puts a scissor to hair we blunt the […]