Staten Island Salon & Spa Spreads Love!

By Frank Bennett

Love, what does it mean to a company,………a lot!

Hey guys,

I spent much time thinking about the importance of this key ingredient 

At our my company we cut hair,
We massage aches and pains away, we perform  facials that leave your skin glowing, and manicure your hands and feet to perfection. 
Luxury services like these will always please, but is there more to it?

I say there’s a lot more to it,

You see the main ingredient in every great relationship that works is Love, that’s why moms food that she cooks for you just tastes better because of it. 

Love rights wrongs,
It forgives,  it endures through out the ages, it nurtures what is good and it is the key ingredient to healthy spiritual, emotional  growth. 

We include a healthy dose of this magic ingredient in everything we do at our 
salon and spa.

My wife Anne and I go to great lengths with our leadership team to inspire, ground, and  Love each of our team members when ever we can. 
When our team, your team, 
Your family, the place where you work has this culture things are just better. 
 You can give love away freely to the people you come into contact with, it’s nothing less than world changing. 

What you do, or what you sell always winds up being consumed or purchased by a human being. Imagine if you could deliver an amazing product, then add the “secret sauce”
 You just went from “Good to Great”

Loves not always mushy, 
It tells the truth even when not convenient, People appreciate honesty mixed with compassion. 
Kindness should always be true and never schmooze.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the boss, a staff member or a mom or dad,
Love, truth and a true desire to want the very best experiences for the people we touch or interact with. 
Love will make all the difference in how full our own love tanks get, cause love is a cycle, it’s reciprocal. 

Get up,
And start the lovin’.