Body Massage

Each holistic massage and healing treatment focuses on the renewal of the body and soul. At A.F. BENNETT Wellness Spa, we blend the finest natural herbal, botanical, mineral and marine products to suit your individual needs. Each massage includes a private herbal steam shower. Body Massage is especially beneficial when combined with a therapeutic “Healing Bath.”

Select any section of the body for focus whether it is the back, neck, and shoulders or feet and legs. Feel the ache and tension melt away.

Leave the world behind as you come home to your-SELF. We will assist in easing your tensions, aches, and pains by customizing a massage that’s just right for you, to assure you feel relaxed, renewed, and revitalized.

Deep pressure is applied in this massage to provide maximum relaxation to overworked muscles. Especially beneficial for releasing toxins from the body, aches and pains, sports injuries, and improving circulation.

The warmth and smoothness of volcanic lava stone deliver tension dissolving qualities to specific areas of your body. The placement of these comforting stones heightens the experience of our signature massage.

Be pampered together with a relaxing massage-for-two.

A.F. BENNETT Massage for Two
Tasteful Lover’s Weekender Kit to Take Home

Gentle massage techniques are applied to relieve back pain and leg cramping, improving circulation. May only be performed during second and third trimesters.

A Deep Tissue Massage using elements Trace Minerals to support reduction of chronic pain. This treatment approach for pain management utilizes Trace Minerals such as magnesium chloride, MSM and bicarbonate in combination through transdermal and dietary supplements to encourage healing on multiple levels.

Relax while reducing pain and discomfort. This amazing treatment will soothe your muscles while reducing muscle or joint aches and pains. Swelling and inflammation will be calmed, leaving your body and being refreshed and renewed.

Indulge in this unique and decadent treat featuring a rhythmic dance of two pairs of intuitive hands that work the muscles in harmonious synchronized motions. Stress and tension melt away as you experience heavenly balance and revitalization.

Cupping massage is a powerful technique combining ancient healing methods of cupping and massage. Cupping is used by creating a suction to reduce excess fluid and toxins, helping your muscles to relax within minutes. Improved circulation and deep relaxation are benefits of this massage. 

Every function in your body corresponds to precise areas on your feet. This healing technique relieves stress, promotes relaxation, increases blood circulation, and helps balance the body through stimulation of pressure points on the feet. 85.00 125.00 with healing bath

Relax while reducing pain and discomfort. This amazing treatment will soothe your muscles while reducing muscle or joint aches and pains. Swelling and inflammation will be calmed, leaving your body and being refreshed and renewed.

During a relaxing massage an enzymatic exfoliant cleanses, tones and refines your skin, leaving it fresher, younger looking and more vibrant. Purify and clarify pores and eliminate damaging free radicals. Intensive nourishing moisturizer infused with paraguay tea, extracts of green tea, ivy and mandarin will leave skin soft, smooth, ultra hydrated and revitalized.