All metal implements used throughout your service are 100% sanitized through our Medical Grade Sterilization Cabinet.

Ask about this Season’s New Manicure.
Customize your experience by selecting one of our unique, facial-quality, moisturizing lotions.

A warm bath will soothe your hands, preparing them for a relaxing massage. Your nails are shaped, buffed, and polished to perfection.

We begin with an exfoliation of your hands and forearms. Hands are bathed in a warm herbal bath and a relaxing massage is applied from your elbows to your fingertips. Nails are shaped and polished to perfection.

A Signature Manicure is enhanced with the permanence of Gel polish, a true
innovation in chip free, extended-wear nail color. Lasts 14 days.

For Heavenly Hands & The Ultimate Treat for Feet!

To begin, soak in Pure Fiji’s milk bath soak made with pure coconut milk and exotic nut oils to soften and hydrate the deepest layers of the skin. A natural raw cane sugar rub exfoliates the skin after moistening with the milk bath
soak to smooth away dry skin leaving a natural glow. A guava body butter masque rich in vitamin C is then applied to hydrate, nourish and improve skin texture. Finish with a relaxing massage with warmed exotic hydrating lotion to ease muscle tension while toning, smoothing and nourishing the skin.

Especially beneficial for overworked, dry hands. An exfoliation is applied to remove rough skin. Hands are wrapped in hot paraffin for maximum moisture and softness. This treatment is finished with a classic manicure.

Regular 10.00
French 13.00
Additional French Upgrade 7.00