3 Keys To A Unique Sweet 16 Celebration

There are many Sweet Sixteen ideas out there, from a lavish gala to a quiet gathering and everything in between.

After clicking through hundreds of Pinterest and Instagram images, you may feel like it has all been done and that there is nothing new under the sun. But you’d be wrong. Your daughter’s Sweet Sixteen can be as unique and amazing as she is!

The key to a unique Sweet Sixteen is to focus on the most unique part of that special event of course: your daughter!

If she is the centerpiece of the day, then there will be nothing trite or ordinary about your celebration.

1. The Guest of Honor

You have watched her grow into the amazing young woman that she has become, and is yet becoming. Use these memories to create the most unique Sweet Sixteen event ever. Here are some suggestions:

· Have pictures of her journey into womanhood

· Have quotes from the guests about their memories of her

· Arrange their sentiments in a keepsake display that will touch her heart for years to come

· Use this celebration to show her how proud you are of the young lady she is. Help to encourage her to keep up the hard work that she has poured out over the years

2. Don’t Forget About the Guests!

Your guests are another essential element to creating a unique Sweet Sixteen celebration. Have your guests give words of wisdom or special tokens of appreciation and advice. Each woman present at the party can share their perspective on womanhood and the journey towards maturity. The memories of that special time of wisdom and love will stay with your daughter for a lifetime.

3. What about a Theme?

Lastly, the theme of your unique Sweet Sixteen celebration should match the unique tastes and interest of your daughter. If your daughter enjoys the beach, instead of a generic Hawaiian luau theme, for example, use pictures of an actual trip to the beach as a backdrop for your party. Is your daughter interested in studying writing or literature? Use copies of her favorite books or poems to create rosettes as centerpieces. Does she love sports? Use her trophies as décor. Whatever you do, make it personal. Those little details will create a unique Sweet Sixteen celebration that your guests will never forget. And more importantly, your daughter will never forget her special day!

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