AF Bennett Next Level Grooming For Men

Next Level Grooming

By Frank Bennett

It’s no secret that today’s male wants to be attractive and appealing, no matter what age. Guys from all walks of life and social circles are seeing the value of taking good care of their bodies minds, and spirits.

Just walk into a hot yoga studio and witness fellas building on strength and flexibility, or duking it out with some testosterone-jolting piece of space-age gym equipment, and this fact will be made plain. The result is a man who is flexible strong, and confident…though often sore, so try not to forget a deep tissue massage to help the body recover.

I tend to go the old-fashioned weight training route in pursuit of a better me, as independent studies have shown that men in their 40s and beyond have been known to significantly boost testosterone levels through resistance weight training with tried-and-true cast iron barbells and dumbbells.

Men who lift weights regularly, resulting in stimulated muscle growth, will experience less belly fat, too, which can lead to a healthy-heart lower blood sugar and more energy throughout the day. Interestingly enough, the energy often ends up lasting well into the night, as many men report a ten-year rewind in their sexual stamina and libido following even modest exercise routine application.

Of course, wellness also applies to more often neglected parts of the body, the feet for example. Many men visit our spa for a “men’s retreat,” done in a private room with one of our amazing nail technicians, and the results are soft and groomed extremities. We also offer a number of packages for guys, including the “Maximus,” which includes a private herbal steam shower, deep tissue massage, sea salt renewal body exfoliation, manicure and pedicure, and eyebrow grooming, along with a restorative spa lunch. At $292, it’s just about the best gift you can give him.

If he wants to get a haircut into the mix, there’s always “The Gentleman,” which offers that same private herbal steam shower, deep tissue massage, pedicure, and spa lunch, along with a precision cut ($257). He’ll simply be unrecognizable at the conclusion.