AFBennett on Staten Island Introduces The Calligraphy cut

“The Calligraphy cut changes everything! 

You don’t always need a scissor to cut hair!

Look no further than your local doorstep, and you will find the latest and hottest new cutting technique waiting for your lovely locks to go to the next level.

Every time a hairdresser puts a scissor to hair we blunt the edges, and at times take away the natural flow of hair.  Over the last three decades hairdressers have turned to using razors to avoid this inevitable result, not anymore. 

Now I’m not saying there’s no place for a great precision haircut incorporating scissors, 
Oh my, definitely not.

What I am saying is, with longer hair, and many medium length styles require soft flowing lines that show no beginning and no end, you will need, something to achieve those results.

The only problem with all of this is that the use of razors tend to shred the hair and leave more split ends then what they start out with.

I for one have always been a fan of Percision razor haircutting, however I’ve always wrestled with the end result as they have wore in. 

Problem solved!

Approximately 1000 salons worldwide have been chosen to Premier the positively electric new haircutting technique called  “The Calligraphy cut” AFBENNETT on Staten Island has been given the honor of being one of them, no fluff no gimmicks just real results!

This hair cutting technique was premiered in Europe by one of the most gifted headdresses of our time, Franz Brormann. 

This groundbreaking haircut starts out with selecting small sections which are known as bundles, they are strategically chosen for shape, flow, and an overall end result

Once The Master hairdresser has done the preliminary sectioning, the real magic begins.
Gone are scissors, razors and thinning shears, In is a revolutionary new tool called the 
Calligraphy cutting tool.

Each brilliantly selected micro bundle of hair is then cut with this pen like tool that clearly cuts on a diagonal that mimics the way hair grows.  Using this innovation tool ensures hair that has more volume,and flows like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

This hair cutting technique was premiered in Germany by one of the most gifted headdresses of our time,
Franz Brormann. 

So here’s how it goes, research is done on top salons across the country, then salons are chosen based on reputation, and innovation, then given invitation to train and bring this technique to the area they live in. 

Salons are given a territory, then giving exclusivity to premier The calligraphy Technique. 

So if you’re looking for the latest technique in hairdressing since the blow dryer and round brush, look no further. 

Your hair dreams are about to become reality!

Frank Bennett