A Modest And Simple Sweet Sixteen – No Need To Be Pressured By Society And Tradition

The pressure is on because you want to give your daughter a sweet sixteen to remember, but you don’t have the $6,000 to $10,000-dollar average budget for the kind of sweet sixteen bash so often propagated by reality shows like My Super Sweet Sixteen.

But why does a sweet sixteen party have to cost almost the same amount usually allotted for a wedding reception? It doesn’t.

Turning sixteen is a momentous occasion and cause for celebration and should be a recognition of your daughter coming of age. But you shouldn’t have to break the bank to commemorate it. You can make sweet sixteen memories without spending thousands of dollars.

First of all, you don’t have to have a massive wedding reception like party. You can do a small intimate party with her closest friends. The whole school doesn’t need to be invited and she will appreciate it just the same, as long as you show her you care and take creative effort to make her day special.

Take lots of pictures for her to share on social media and with friends at school.

Besides, a sweet sixteen is a celebration of maturity and transitioning to adulthood. It should not be an exercise in futility and unnecessary extravagance. You need to think of your motives and what message you want to send to your daughter. The exorbitant sweet sixteen parties depicted on television and reality TV are excessive and unrealistic. They also perpetuate the self- centered, vain, entitled, and shallow image of many during our social media age. We want to teach our daughters differently. We want them to be grateful, humble, altruistic, sacrificial, and contented young ladies.

The following are some ideas to foster these noble and admirable virtues.

1. Plan for your daughter and a few of her friends to volunteer at a favorite charity or service that helps the underprivileged such as a teen pregnancy crisis center, a soup kitchen, the Boys and Girls Club, a nursing home, or visit a children’s hospital or wing. After wards get dressed up and go celebrate at her favorite restaurant.

2. Plan a house party and request that guests give monetary gifts and ask that a percentage be donated to your daughter’s favorite charity. If your daughter isn’t shy, encourage her to make a two-minute presentation for her charity at the party.

3. Buy party favors and gifts for your guests. Plan sweet sixteen party games, such as guessing your daughters’ favorite things, and give out gifts to the winners.

4. Do a spa day for her and a few of her closest friends. Let them get their hair and nails done. If you can afford it, throw in a massage.

5. Have a pink pajama slumber party and let the girls watch your daughter’s favorite romcom movie.

There are so many unique ways to honor your daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday. Break the mold. Don’t be pressured by society and tradition.

Use this as opportunity for her to understand the responsibility of adulthood and yet make her day exciting and memorable. These are just suggestions that you can use and add to make it your own. Get her input and involvement too. See what she likes and wants. Let her understand that although it is her day, she should think about others as well. She should also understand that you do have a budget and you both can come up with ideas of how to make the best use of the funds.

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Happy Sweet Sixteen!