Fresh Start

Three steps that will help craft your summer body

By Frank Bennett

Nothing fits!

Here we go again…

It’s May, and you pull out last summer’s best because you just endured our first 85-degree day. You grab those skimpy yet too-cool shorts, and realize that life feels different. What you forgot is that the last five months have been an adventure in indulging in favorite foods, and wearing comfy clothes that seemed to make you look good…no mater what.

Fast forward to Memorial Day, and what to do?

Here’s a little plan we’ve been advising our guests at the Spa to embrace, with great results.

For starters, a quick detox: Spend 24 hours doing what countless millions worldwide have done for centuries—simply shut your mouth and fast for a whole day. Fasting will give your organs a chance to rest while you drink cleansing lemon-infused water instead of food. When you do this, just for this one day, you will find, incredibly, that your belly will flatten somewhat. It’s just lost water, reduced bloat, but it’s a terrifically encouraging start.

With that jump-start on a new summer body, the next step is to eliminate easy-to-get-rid-of sugars. Nix things like sugary soda, fruit juices, even sugar in your coffee; this’ll be good for one pants size in short order.

Next move is make room to fit in that slinky dress. Consider a Parafango fat-shrinking treatment, which helps reduce cellulite and firm skin by using detoxifying minerals from the coastal waters of Spain. It also feels great, because what’s a plan without some fun?

With just a little determination—two weeks of a sugarless, cleansed constitution will likely yield even more results, such as a determination to hit the gym or hop on a bike.

And that, my friends, is what we call a positive feedback loop.