How To Look Natural Yet Captivating On Your Wedding Day

I think nearly every little girl dreams of her wedding day. From the tween years, or perhaps even sooner, visions of a white dress and a delicate veil float in our heads. At least, that was the truth for me!

I had a scrapbook of magazine clippings, print-outs from online, and several of my own doodles. I imagined myself in an elaborate Cinderella dress surrounded by adorable flower girls. The venue I supposed would be a lush garden festooned with ginormous bouquets and topiaries. My Prince Charming would, of course, agree to ever fantastical idea and grant my every wish!

Over the years, my ideas changed, and my sense of style swung from lavish and elaborate to simple and minimalist. I wanted to look natural on my wedding day. I wanted it to seem like my apparel, hairstyle and make-up were simply highlighting my beauty, not creating something that wasn’t there in the first place. I wanted to feel light and carefree. If I felt like dancing all night, I wanted the liberty to do so, without worrying that I would ruin my make-up or hairdo.

The Modern Trend

The current trend of style follows this line of thought as well. When once it was popular to go through great pains to be pretty—think corsets and foot binding! Ugh! —

Today’s woman has cast off such torturous rituals. Many of today’s brides embrace the chance to look natural. We believe that it is possible to be both cute and comfortable, poised and practical.

Natural Doesn’t Mean Neglect

However, the goal to look natural, doesn’t mean that a modern bride should neglect her hairstyle and make-up. In fact, it takes skill, time and attention to achieve that “I woke up this way” look. Great care must be taken to choose a color palette and hairstyle that complement and augment the bride’s skin tone, eye color and facial contours. For me, one my wedding day, I choose delicate curls in a short pixie cut, highlighted with subtle bronzing on my cheeks and a light rouge on my lips.

When I choose my style, I was mindful that wedding photos last a lifetime. Although we enjoy the moments many photos, we can sometimes regret the old-fashioned styles. On the other hand, the “natural look” is timeless. For my wedding, I wanted photos that I would happily look back on again and again without laughing at the “dated” style. By choosing to look natural I achieved that goal.

To “Look Natural” is Timeless

Styles will come and go. Undoubtedly, the styles we dreamed of as little girls are not what is fashionable today. However, all of us can style achieve our girlhood fantasies on our wedding day. We can choose a style that complements our own unique, natural beauty. Every bride can look natural, and yet captivating, in her own special way!

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