Refresh Your Hairstyle For Mother’s Day With A Blowout, Updo Or New Extensions

Whether you are a first-time mother or a mom of five, Mother’s Day is for you to be celebrated at home, at church and in general. One way to prepare for the big day is to embrace a new Mother’s Day style.

From a blowout to refresh a favorite haircut to extensions to thicken your mane, a day at the salon provides a confidence boost to help you tackle the challenges of motherhood long after the month of May.

If it’s your first Mother’s Day, photos of the Instagram and framed variety are a must.

To get your hair camera ready, a simple blowout adds lift and sheen to your locks while giving you a break from styling as the pros do the heavy lifting.

For a long-term fix, consider a full Brazilian blowout to make your hair more manageable as you adjust to the demands of an infant and toddler.

Pregnancy probably blessed you with fuller, lustrous locks for a time. However, as your body bounced back, your new hair likely bounced away with it, while stress thinned it further.

When you want to regain the thicker hair you had before children, consider extensions to add heft at the crown and restore the flowing waves of your youth. If extensions sound intimidating, visit a salon for a consultation prior to taking the plunge. An easily removed clip-in will let you test the waters while fusion extensions provide a long-term fix easily maintained with your natural hair.

For the church-going family with a defined Mother’s Day celebration, such as dinner at the country club, you may prefer to have your hair styled specifically for the occasion. Your personal style aesthetic will dictate the best option for you, but consider stepping out of your comfort zone with an elegant updo you can temporarily maintain at home or easily recreate. A French twist paired with a sheath dress and pumps is the quintessential retro mom look while a head full of loose, flowing curls or beach waves is particularly suited to an after-church photo session in a floral wrap dress and your favorite sandals.

A trip to the salon is an excellent gift to receive or give yourself for Mother’s Day. An afternoon of engaging in adult conversation and being pampered will make you feel as beautiful as you look, and that feeling will only be amplified as you share the day with your children.

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