Salt Of The Earth

Frank Bennett

How many times have we heard this expression, and where did it come from?

When we hear salt of the earth we usually equate it to somebody who is really down to earth, pretty real, and some sort of kind humanitarian. 
This is very true, and we can all benefit from being just a little bit saltier and loving while we dwell on this planet earth.

This new year many thoughts of been going through my mind about Wellness, weight management, and just overall feeling good.
In the midst of so many people getting all the different types of common colds, viruses and flu symptoms, I got to thinking
what can I do for the people in my circle of influence?
Seems like the key catchphrases these days are keto this keto that, and detox this, and detox that.

I couldn’t agree more, since Biblical times people have been using Salt and fasting in order to reset their bodies, and get rid of all that bad stuff that gunks up the works. Who would’ve thunk?

Here are some things
I recommend very highly this time of year,
After a whole month of overindulgence a good body detox from the inside out is in order. 

At our spa we start with 
Dead sea salt from Israel incorporated with a very invigorating scrub of the body stimulating your body’s largest Organ, your skin. 
Your body starts expelling all of those trapped toxins that we’ve accumulated from bad foods, and alcohol.

Did you know that your feet store tremendous amounts of toxins that come out directly through the pores of your feet?
The truth of the matter is that our deep penetrating 
Salt detox pedicure can promote the dispelling of many trapped toxins,
This service is super popular this time of year with all of our guests.

Now what about the fasting thing?
For centuries people have known that by putting our bodies into a state of fasting for 16 to 24 hours allows our organs a period of time to rest, and start the detox process getting rid of all of the bad stuff.
I have been fasting this way for approximately a year and a half now, and have managed to not get sick very often.
I’ve managed my weight very easily since my fat stores are constantly being called upon three days a week while I intermittent fast.

Here’s to a better you

Live,and love more in 2019!