“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence In Your Shoe.”

If you are already married and had a traditional wedding, or are planning a wedding, you most likely heard this popular wedding rhyme. Many brides, when they learn this verse, routinely try to follow it’s instructions without much thought as to why or without any idea what to include? If you are going to follow this tradition, then it would be worth considering its origin and put more earnest thought into picking out the items listed. So, what is the origination of this rhyme and what does it mean?

This is an old English 17th century superstitious saying, which if implemented by the bride, supposedly warded off infertility, promised marital bliss, and assured wealth and prosperity. 400 years later, it has become nothing more than an innocuous charming tradition. There is no guarantee of any of the silly claims, but it is fun to observe and a romantic addition to the ceremony. Of course, today you could apply your own sentimental meaning to each directive.

The following is the traditional contemporary meaning of each phrase and included are a few ideas of items you can collect.

Something Old

Today this represents continuity – an unbroken connection to the past. Something old can be passed down from an older relative or parent. You can even include something that honors or remembers a deceased relative or family friend. Some ideas are:

· A family heirloom

· An article of clothing worn by grandmother

· Older relatives’ jewelry, pearls, a charm

· A watch or clock

· I personally like your grandmother’s or mother’s bridal veil

· A vintage wedding dress is also chic

· Any vintage accessory

· An antique

Something New

Weddings represent new beginnings and a new life. “Something new” brings optimism for the future. Anything new and fresh will embody this notion. Some ideas include:

· Of course, the wedding dress and shoes

· Wedding rings

· Key ring with the new house keys

· Jewelry

The ideas for this could be endless.

Something Borrowed

This should not be borrowed from just anybody, it should be borrowed from a happily married couple. The idea is to pass their good fortune and success in marriage on to you.

· Again, the veil is the most popular item that fulfills every theme – borrow a happily married woman’s previously worn wedding veil!

· Borrow lace or beadings from her wedding dress

· Borrow her jewelry

· Borrow a happily married couples wedding vows

This list can also be endless

Something Blue

The color blue represents so many admirable virtues and aspirations that are necessary for a good marriage – that of love, purity, fidelity, loyalty, wisdom, trust, faith, and strength. Blue also symbolizes heaven and the imagination. So, this imperative is worthy to keep. Clever ways you can add blue are:

· Blue accent on wedding dress – a sash, beading, flower, sequins etc.

· Blue flowers in bouquet

· Blue bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen ties or solo groom tie

· Blue wedding shoes

· Blue gemstones in jewelry such as: topaz, aquamarine, jade, sapphire, etc.

A sixpence in your shoe

The final instruction, a sixpence in your shoe, may seem more byzantine than it really is. Simply put, it’s just saying, put some form of currency in your shoe. A “sixpence” was a 17th century sterling silver coin used for monetary exchange at time. It was also considered a dowry for the groom. When the bride followed this ritual, it was supposed to bring prosperity and wealth. Today, the sixpence is no longer used in money exchange and so now it is a collector’s item. The modern bride can put any coin in her shoe or taped to the bottom of it to fulfill this directive. However, if she wants to be creative, she can use dollar bills or find a genuine sixpence coin. You can them order one online.

Again, this tradition is not compulsory or required to include in any wedding ceremony, but it is just an amusing sentimental customary practice. Don’t expect the rewards but do it for the symbolic representations behind the gestures.

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